New South Wales is no longer accepting 489 state nomination applications as follows:

RDAs closed – Central WestFar South CoastMid North CoastOranaRiverinaSouthern Inland

RDAs limited occupations open – Northern RiversNorthern Inland

For example, occupation of Early Childhood Teacher requires 2 years full time work experience

In addition, a new requirement has been added for NSW Subclass 190 occupations in high demand in the 2019-20 program.

NSW nomination

Applicants for the NSW 190 Priority Occupation List (NSW 190 list) have the additional requirement to be currently living in NSW and to have been employed in NSW for at least one year in the nominated occupation.

Please see below FAQs:

Do I need to be currently employed in NSW to satisfy this requirement?

No, you do not need to be currently employed in NSW. If you are living in NSW, and have previously been employed in your nominated occupation in NSW for at least one year, you may satisfy this requirement.

What evidence do I need to demonstrate I am currently living in NSW?

The following documents as applicable to you:

  • bank statements
  • rental agreements / leases
  • utility bills, e.g. gas, water
  • other bills, e.g. phone, internet
  • driver’s licence
  • proof of age card

What evidence do I need to demonstrate my employment?

  • Payslips covering a minimum 12 months skilled employment in NSW

At least two of the following three documents:

  • Letter(s) of offer and / or employment contract(s)
  • Notice of assessment received from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Signed and dated reference letter(s) from your employer on the organisation’s letterhead.
    Reference letters must outline the commencement and termination dates of your employment (if applicable), the position held and tasks and responsibilities carried out.