How Migration and Recruitment Solutions Can Help Grow Your Business!

Companies in hospitality, childcare, agriculture, engineering and other areas with skills shortages often struggle to secure and retain the right staff. At MMMigration & Recruitment we are specialised in these occupations and more, and are committed to finding solutions for your business! Our Migration and Recruitment solutions can assist your company in the following ways: […]

Family Migration

Changes to partner visas were approved in parliament on November 2018, but they have yet to come into effect. This means that the Australian sponsor has to apply for approval prior to the visa applicant being able to apply for their own visa. If their visa is about to expire, they won’t be able to […]

All about the Training Visa – 482 TSS

If you are a migrant coming into Australia or wanting to extend your stay in Australia, you will want to make sure that you are making use of whatever possibilities are out there. One such possibility is the training visa, and yet this is commonly overlooked. You want to make sure you don’t allow that […]

All about the Graduate and post-study Visa!

The Australian government recently announced that those studying online overseas in light of COVID-19 will still be able to access the post-graduate visa.  Great news for all concerned and in particular for the industry of international education.  After completing your studies in Australia, even if some of these studies were completed initially overseas,  it’s understandable […]

What makes a good migration agent?

The definition of what makes a good migration agent is changing. In the past, accuracy, expertise, knowledge of the law, and excellent customer service were all critical. But with the political and technological complexities of the modern world, particularly in light of COVID-19, the remit of the role is expanding. It’s not just about people […]

Why sponsor your employee?

If you’re a business owner, think about your company. What does it need to compete in the modern COVID era market? More manpower behind it? Harder workers? People who are skilled in their position and seeking to fit into their role as quickly as possible? Because if you sponsor someone from overseas within your company, […]

How to be a successful migrant in Australia

At MMMigration & Recruitment, we turn to our own philosophy and our 6Ps: Passion, Perseverance, Patience, Positivity equals Power (personal empowerment) and Peace (of mind) when we speak with our clients about the qualities needed by anyone wishing to migrate to Australia. This was the same prior to COVID and remains exactly the same.  In […]