Why immigration will play a fundamental role in Australia’s economic recovery

Smart Company – August 6, 2020

Immigration is key to lifting Australia’s economy out of the red. But is enough being done to encourage people to move to Australia during COVID-19?

Occupations have been removed from the skilled occupation lists, the number of onshore applicants sitting on bridging visas without approvals is too high, and our aged care and agricultural sectors are crying out for workers.

Of course, there is an argument against migration in these times.

International students deserve to be treated like other members of society.

The Canberra Times – July 9, 2020

Back in the beginning of April, as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Australia, the blunt message from Prime Minister Scott Morrison to international students was “it’s time to go home”. Fast forward to July and the federal government has announced that the return of international students is no longer conditional upon state borders being open – and it appears that recent lockdowns in Melbourne and the border closure between Victoria and NSW will not affect the decision. This is a clear indication that the federal government has realised the full economic impact of the lack of international students coming into Australia since COVID-19 first hit the headlines.