At MMMigration & Recruitment, we turn to our own philosophy and our 6Ps: Passion, Perseverance, Patience, Positivity equals Power (personal empowerment) and Peace (of mind) when we speak with our clients about the qualities needed by anyone wishing to migrate to Australia. This was the same prior to COVID and remains exactly the same.  In fact, migrants have shown themselves to be extremely resilient during this period in light of the lack of income support provided to them by the federal government, particularly for those stood down who were sponsored as temporary employer sponsored migrants.  Now that industries such as hospitality and others are getting back on track, many are returning to some sense of normality once more but the qualities above have stood them in good stead.  

On the other hand, there are those skilled migrants who come to Australia as direct migrants, never having lived in Australia before. This means they need to go through the permanent residence application process, before being able to settle into a role perfect for their skills. Currently these migrants are waiting outside of Australia unless they have essential skills granting them an exemption to enter the country and in general are employer sponsored.  

If they are employer-sponsored, this process is usually much quicker, of course when the borders are open.  This type of migration removes the points test and the need for skilled migration altogether. In reality, it is the way Australia is heading, just as the US relies primarily on employer sponsorship and migrants obtain their permanent residence this way.  It will be interesting to see the division of skilled migration and employer sponsorship for permanent numbers in the government’s October budget.  

A great migrant is someone with a great attitude. 

Someone that echoes all of those points in the philosophy above. Not unlike any employee or business owner regardless of their visa status in reality.  Australia, despite being known as the ‘lucky country’, is far away from the rest of the world. To live here, a person will need to accept they will be far away from family if their family does not already live in the country. This in itself can prove tricky, especially if a person were to have a family later; for example, childcare issues can arise if grandparents are not around. 

The more clients have a positive attitude and mindset, on top of their skillset, the more likely it is they will get their PR. 

Australia often mentions it needs the ‘brightest and the best’ to apply, but are the highly skilled occupations the only ones that need to be filled? 

In our experience, it is some of the seemingly semi-skilled occupations that require a migrant mindset the most. Having the right attitude is most important when migrating to work in Australia, and gain work experience in any workplace around the country. 

A great migrant brings the qualities of resilience, agility, and flexibility, as well as motivation and a hunger to succeed. Interestingly these are qualities that have been so important throughout the period of the current pandemic.  They also bring a desire to demonstrate success to their own extended family overseas. 

With regional migration on the forefront of people’s minds, particularly with the advent of the new regional visas since November 2019, and 25,000 priority places opening up, it’s going to require an even tougher person to cope with the remoteness of areas, as well as the smaller population size and limited infrastructure in many places. These areas are still very much in need of skilled workers from overseas despite the loss of Australian jobs.  

Some of these areas require semi-skilled migrants, as well as highly skilled migrants. Whilst the economy needs skills, regional areas also need to be well populated, in order to grow their own economies. Every situation requires the right attitude. 

If you need to put together a migration plan in order to achieve your migration goals, contact us and we will work with you on your migration journey!

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