Companies in hospitality, childcare, agriculture, engineering and other areas with skills shortages often struggle to secure and retain the right staff. At MMMigration & Recruitment we are specialised in these occupations and more, and are committed to finding solutions for your business!

Our Migration and Recruitment solutions can assist your company in the following ways:

  • Provide experienced and perfectly-matched candidates
  • Provide candidates who are motivated to work anywhere in Australia
  • Improve staff retention
  • Eliminate recruitment and training contribution fees for certain visa types
  • Become a more competitive business with a stronger team

How the process works and:

  1. We assess your recruitment needs by highlighting areas with shortages
  2. Determine the candidate source to decide what type of visa they will need
  3. Source the best candidates to fulfil your business needs and send you CV’s
  4. Organise interviews for you to meet candidates either in person or via zoom/skype
  5. Provide appropriate visa services for them to enter or remain in the country and work lawfully
  6. Organise candidate arrival and induction, especially if they are coming from overseas

Which Visas Can be utilised in the process? 

  • 485 graduate visa
  • 407 training visa
  • 482 TSS visa
  • Employer-sponsored regional visa
  • Contact us for more options and to evaluate what is most appropriate for your case.

How we can help you increase your retention rate for up to 7 Years or more!

There are many pathways to consider, it is important to have the candidate undertake an individual migration assessment by attending a migration consultation.

If the candidate is onshore, a 485 graduate visa will allow them to complete their studies and work full time for up to 4 years in some cases.

A 407 training visa permits a company to train and upskill a staff member to a higher level.

Lastly, a TSS 482 visa followed by sponsorship for a permanent visa by the company or the state they are working in.

There’s also a regional employer-sponsored visa for those working in a regional area such as Canberra or Cairns plus the DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement) is available for semi-skilled occupations and can lead to permanent residence after 3 years.

How to receive hand-picked resumes to fulfil a role within your company?

MMMigration & Recruitment works to find the perfect employee for your company, in order to empower your transformational journey. We have developed a unique platform that matches the candidate for the job. We will also look after the entire migration process, so you don’t have to think about the details and can focus on growing your business! 

If you would like to receive resumes from qualified candidates please register on our Job Portal and we will pre-select the most qualified and experienced candidates for you!

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If you are a candidate looking for a sponsor, please register your profile on our Job Portal for candidates!  If you are selected to one of our available jobs we will be in touch to organise a migration consultation to determine your eligibility and if eligible, we will set up an interview.

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