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Although all of our clients are unique, we’ve developed a proven, step-by-step strategy to simplify the visa process and achieve the best possible outcome.
We make sure that you always know what to expect when working with our experienced Migration Agents, so you always have peace of mind.

Our Process


April 25

Initial consultation

Here, we take the time to talk to you about your needs and develop a Migration Master Plan that provides a roadmap of all of the options available to you. We believe that there is always a solution. This is given to you in writing at the end of the consultation with a clear indication of timelines and fees.

April 25

Cost agreement and form 956

We’ll send you a cost agreement that details our service list and the total cost of our services along with a form 956 that authorises us to act as your migration agent.

April 25

Document checklist

Once we receive all of your signed forms and first payment instalment, we’ll send you a checklist that details all of the documentation required for your application.

April 25

Face-to-face or Skype meeting

We’ll arrange a time to meet with you, either face-to-face or via Skype, to talk through the checklist and answer any questions you may have at this stage. This will answer all of your questions in one go and give you peace of mind.

April 25

Send in your documents

You can either deliver your required documents in person or send coloured scanned copies via email.

April 25

Follow-up Meeting

If required, we’ll get in touch via Skype or email to clarify any areas of your application and supporting documents.

April 25

We lodge your application

Once we have all of the necessary documents and your final payment has been made, we’ll lodge your application and send your visa acknowledgement receipt as well as an estimated processing timeline.

April 25

Regular updates

We’ll advise you on the progress of your application on a monthly basis and update you on additional documentation requested by the Department of Immigration.

April 25


We’ll give you written confirmation once your visa has been granted. Any hard copies of your documents that have been submitted are required to be collected within 14 days of the visa grant.

Why use a Migration Agent?

  1. We’ll make your dream a reality. Your unique migration plan is built around your goals and designed to remove any stress from the application process.

  2. Gain clarity and confidence. Migration law is complex, but our experienced agents have the in-depth knowledge required to navigate the difficult process.

  3. Dedicated to you. We’re deeply committed to the unique needs of our clients. Your dedicated agent is always on hand to answer any questions.

  4. We’ll handle the paperwork. The mountain of complicated forms and difficult government processes is where most people come unstuck. Let us deal with the red tape while you focus on your new future.

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