Yovanny Useche Cruz

Commercial and Sales Manager

Yovanny’s experiences as a migrant have shaped his goals to create a connected world and provide equal opportunities for everyone. With experience setting up small businesses in Colombia, Yovanny sought greater prospects to achieve his goals, so he migrated to Australia on a student visa.

He joined MMMigration as an Education Counsellor and quickly became instrumental in the growth of the business into Melbourne, Brisbane and three cities in Colombia. After initially starting out drafting visa applications, his in-depth knowledge of business over the years led him to his current position as Chief Operating Officer.

Yovanny studied International Business at the University of Ibague and has extensive first-hand experience supporting international students gain visas in Australia. He has a love for mountain biking and fitness that translates into a passion to motivate his clients and help them to be the best they can be.

“My continued love for and practice of salsa dancing and music from my home country and my life in Australia perfectly represents the blend of culture and opportunity migration provides. It’s my goal to help set people up to achieve their goals and build a prosperous future.”

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