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Required Skills:

Job Description


• Follow all safety policies and procedures. Ensure appropriate PPE is worn at all times.
• Immediately report any safety incident or near miss to either the Production Manager or Centre Manager
• Clock on and off timekeeping system each day to reflect attendance and ensure always clocked onto a job or task if required
• If required receive parts – check correct and not damaged prior to commencement and installation.
• Disassemble vehicle as per Job Sheet or instructions
• Label parts and store accordingly
• Perform any adaptations based on completed diagnoses. Advise Manager of any changes that differ from the original job sheet including circumstances that will affect the estimated completion time of the vehicle or the quoted estimate.
• Carry out mechanic diagnosis, repair and replacements as required
• Use Star Diagnosis and Autel Diagnostic computers to run diagnostic checks.
• Carry out system updates to diagnostic computers and wheel alignment computers when necessary.
• Perform repairs and refurbishing of recycled parts to required quality standards
• Ensure no vehicle or component is ever refitted or supplied if not safe to do so
• Upon request carry out repairs as per Job Sheet
• If required, notate broken parts/extra repairs and submit to Estimator. Ensure authorised before proceeding with additional work
• Double check new parts are correct and not damaged. If so, advise Parts Manager/Production Manager
• Ensure appropriate usage of consumables and materials are used to avoid wastage.
• Ensure your work complies with AMA standards and sign the QA Sheet to confirm you have checked your work and it meets AMA standards.
• As required clean workbay/workshop
• Handle all company tools and equipment with due care and attention ensuring they remain safe, clean and in a workable condition.
• Coach apprentice (if assigned as a coach)
• Undertake all lawful and reasonable requests by management.

Selection Criteria

Trade qualified Mechanic
• Ability to meet strict deadlines
• Excellent communication skills
• A willingness to learn
• A strong work ethic
• An attention to detail
• Able to work effectively and collaboratively with the team
• Be reliable, punctual & hardworking

Physical Demands

• Constant, repetitive hand function and grip
• Frequent standing, walking, sitting, forward bent posture, forward reach, squatting, kneeling, static neck postures, trunk twisting, waist to shoulder lifting up to 5 kg, and carrying up to 5 kg
• Occasional lying, overhead reach, crawling and foot movement, floor to waist lifting up to 26 kg, waist to shoulder lifting up to 10kg, overhead lifting up to 8 kg, carrying up to 26 kg, pushing and pulling
• Rare dynamic neck movement, step climbing and other climbing, floor to waist lifting up to 100 kg (3-person lift), overhead lifting up to 10 kg and carrying up to 100 kg (3person lift)