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achieving permanent residence in Australia

These visa categories are for families and individuals interested in moving or remaining in Australia long term.

These visa categories can assist employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers.

Yoga for travelers excercises to practice on your plane

A long time journey could have consequences in your body at your arrival. Remaining on your sit for too many hours in the same position, have disastrous effects for your back and for the blood circulation on your arms and legs, as symptoms that give form to the fierced “Tourist Class Sindrom”. In this post que will suggest you ten easy exercises that you can practice while you are flying.

MMMigration is celebrating 10 years in business this year.

Win 2 tickets to one of the Cirque du Soleil – TORUK presentations in Australia only for celebrating our 10th anniversary. Write why you choose MMMigration and how we helped you achieve your dreams of studying, living or/and working in Australia.

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